As some of you might have read on Shane Carwin’s website, one lucky fan could win a two day fishing trip with him in rural Colorado. The winner Josh, knows Carwin’s wrestling coach Leister Bowling, but he also turns out to be a real tool. As you will read below from Carwin’s blog, this fellow Josh gets completely drunk and belligerent the first night he is in Carwin’s small town. Not too smart…And oddly enough when all this was going on, Carwin was accused of being involved in a steroid ring. Sounds like a bummer all around to me.

Carwin’s Fishing Trip: Day one

As I picked up the winner from the airport I started to worry. I do not know the winner, we had not filled out eHarmony profiles, so it was a true blind meeting.

Denver Airport is in rural Denver. It is like a fancy mall inside with planes coming and going, but once you step outside it is pretty barren. So Josh, the winner, is finally with me and we begin the journey to Greeley. Josh is a good guy, he knows my wrestling coach Leister Bowling so we have some things to talk about. As we drive past Denver, I think Josh begins to realize he came to the Country and the mile high city is a white lie.
We get to Greeley and decide to visit a Pub that I like to hang at. We have a few beers and such and then Josh sends me home to be with my family. He said he would grab a cab and be “just fine”. This is Greeley and he is in my bar with my friends what could go wrong?
Around 1 AM the phone rings and it is the Pub. Josh is hammered drunk and allegedly making a scene. The bartender cuts him off and calls a cab, Josh then cuss’s the bartender out (a lady). This is kind of a small town and the pub is like Cheers on TV, everyone knows everyone.
As Josh was escorted outside he began to get even more angry and someone sucker punches him and drops him.
My phone is blowing up at this point. Leister has my truck so he can get the boat in the morning and I am thinking I need to go find Josh and help him to his room. I finally reach Josh, he is pissed and drunk. He says he is walking to the hotel and to not worry. I think every drunk knows those lines “I am fine don’t worry.”
I get in my wife’s Escalade and head towards the pub to try to find Josh. He won’t tell me or does not know where he is and he keeps hanging up on me, and saying I am fine. He wont tell me where he is walking. At 1 AM in Greeley you have some gangs, farmers, and the police that you need to worry about. Josh was trashed and lost.
Around 2 AM I found Josh on a country road heading to Denver (by foot). He said he wanted to go to the airport and wanted to go home. He was drunk, angry and a little emotional about being sucker punched.
I let him know that if he wants to leave in the morning I will take him to the airport. He needed to sleep and I took him to his hotel so he could sleep. He must have bounced off every wall and door on the way to his room. When we got to his room he was stabbing the door with with his key and would not let me help him get the key in the VERTICAL slot.
I’m getting ready to head over to pick Josh up. I hope he wants to go boating. And I hope he has a bad hangover. I will be blasting my radio and hitting every wake I can find today:).
While this sounds like a crazy first day, Josh really is a good guy who just had a bad night. I hope he doesn’t hate Greeley after this. I will keep you posted.

Carwin’s Fishing Trip: Day two
I had sent Coach home with my truck so he could bring the boat out tot he house the next day. We got all packed up and headed towards Josh’s hotel. I had my son with me so I could not really get into what happened the night before. Leister told me some of his Wrestlers were at the Pub and it was indeed an ugly scene.
We have Josh’s bag and I did not think he could have found his way out of the hotel so I was pretty sure he was going to be in his room. When Josh answered the door you could tell the night had gotten the better of him. He still needed to get ready but he seemed to be in good spirits and ready to hit the lake.
Once we got to the lake it seemed like we were a million miles away from the stress and chaos of the night before. Josh seemed to make a full recovery and he was talking our ears off.
We all tried wake surfing and were able to pull it off and one of the guest was even wake surfing without the rope. It was an amazing day on the water.
I really have to give credit where it is due. The Malibu Boat makes all the difference in the world and it can help beginners like me look like a pro. I have spent a few summers being dragged through the lakes. Yet every time out on the Wakesetter we come off looking like pros.
As crazy as the weekend sounds I really enjoyed meeting Josh and spending time with a fan. I hope he enjoyed the trip too. I am off to pick him up and take him to the airport. I will post some more pictures and videos soon.