Shane Carwin has announced via facebook that he will not be dealing with the press this time around on his way up to his championship fight. Can you blame the guy? As pointed out: “Dozens of cookie cutter interviews, generally conducted by inept reporters, with the same bored fighters giving the same answers to the same lame questions.”

We agree and feel for the fighters, they have a right to their privacy. If they choose not to promote and and disrupt their camp it’s their prerogative . We see the same attitude in Carwins adversary and heavyweight champion. Getting Brock Lesnar to take an interview is a rarity these days. The only difference between the two fighters is that Lesnar has contract agreements to get a percentage of the pay-per-view buys. For Carwin he will receive a flat $50,000 no matter the pay-per-view sells.

Should Carwin capitalize on his situation and succumb to the press?