After his highly anticipated bout with Frank Mir last weekend at UFC 111 for the interim heavyweight title, Shane Carwin feels that he is ready meet his match against current title-holder Brock Lesnar. Carwin even called the fight ‘destiny’.

“Finally. It was canceled two times. It was destiny that we meet,” Cawin said.

Although Carwin has shown to be a worthy opponent, Lesnar feels that belt will always belong around his waist.

“It was a good fight, he’s still wearing my belt,” said Lesnar. “That’s [interim belt] a make-believe belt. I have to give him the fight that I was supposed to give him last November.”

Before his fight at last Saturday’s event, Carwin had been MIA from the cage since his victory against Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96 about a year ago. His MMA career had to be put on hiatus due to Brock’s illness. The pair were supposed to meet at UFC 106 and then at UFC 108.

Now that Lesnar is back in action, he can’t wait to get into the cage this July at UFC 116, for what he hopes to be another victory.

“It was a good fight, Shane, but that’s the wrong belt you’re wearing,” Lesnar stated after Carwin’s victory. “I’ve got the championship belt. That’s the bottom line.”

And Carwin smartly responded; “I couldn’t agree more, baby, that’s why I am coming after it.”