Illegal steroid distributor, Applied Pharmacy Services was recently shutdown by U.S. Attorney Donna Dobbins. Dobbins reports that former number one heavyweight contender Shane Carwin along with six other athletes participated in purchasing illegal substances from the corrupt pharmacy.

According to records, Carwin purchased the illegal substances Trenbolone, Testosterone, Stanozolol injectable and Nandrolone from a period of January 2006 to August 2006.

Other professionals included on the list alongside Carwin:

Kurt Angle: a former Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler and professional wrestler.

Bob Howard: a pro wrestler from Mobile who performed under the name “Hardcore” Bob Holly.

Toney Freeman: a professional bodybuilder nicknamed “The X-Man.”

Quincy Taylor: a professional bodybuilder.

Dennis Newman: a professional bodybuilder.

Troy Zuccolotto: a professional bodybuilder.

During Carwin’s five year run in mixed martial arts he has never tested positive for any illegal drugs.

Carwin and his camp are yet to respond to the accusations, but explain they will be releasing a statement shortly.