Former middleweight champ Rich Franklin recalls his title loss to the new dominating champ, Anderson Silva due to his own arrogance of attempting a clinch game.

“I’m a bigger guy than Anderson and when I went into training for that fight, the camp, when we set up our strategy there were certain things that we were banking on, one of them being the clinch work.

“Thinking that I’m bigger than him, I’m stronger than him, so this is not something I’m going to have to worry about. And to go through an entire eight week camp and then to have it unfold that way and then have to reflect on that and say, I can’t believe I was either stupid enough or arrogant enough to think that that is where I was going to win the fight and have completely overlooked that portion of the fight. It’s bothersome.”

“That’s one of those things where you say, ‘I’ll never let that mistake happen again.'”