The always confident, vocal Renzo Gracie had this to say to MMAWeekly radio recently when asked about his preferred weight:

“It’s so easy. Right now, I’m 178 (lbs), and I have to eat a lot so I don’t drop even more weight.

“I can walk around at probably 170, 173, you know? So it’s easy to make 155.”

“For sure, I can be the wildcard, I can go from 155 to the heavyweights.”

When asked if he had any desire to rematch the current lightweight champ, BJ Penn if he were to drop to lightweight, Gracie responded:

“The beauty of our sport, we have to live one day at a time,” Gracie said. “Right now, I have a huge task, which is to face Matt Hughes. So I can’t think about B.J. I can’t think about Sakuraba. I have one ugly face in my head and that’s Hughes, nobody else.”

After Gracie’s bout against the former UFC Welterweight Champ Matt Hughes, Gracie will be considering if he is comfortable at the 170 lbs or if he is better suited for a 155 lb. weight division instead.