The drama between former light heavyweight champ, Rashad Evans and UFC President Dana White still seems to be going on as a new controversial  interview with Evans comes out.

“…sometimes it seems to me like they’re not wanting me to fight for the belt. Maybe that could just be me being paranoid but I’m like okay, if that’s the case then just let me know, you know, and I won’t fight for the belt. If the belt is about controlling who gets it or controlling who’s getting an opportunity then it loses all its authenticity to me anyway. So I just won’t even ever ask to fight for it. That’s where that comment was coming from. It was coming from like oh so if this is something that is controlled by the UFC and if it’s not a favoritism thing then let me fight and let me get a chance to fight your champion. If it’s about them not wanting me to be champion or giving me an opportunity to try to be champion then I’m like, you know what if I’m not going to get the opportunity then I’d just rather not even, you know I won’t never ask to ever fight for the belt again because the belt would mean nothing to me because it’s not based on who’s the best, it’s about politics.”

Evans may be referring to the fact that the UFC offered Evans a fight against Randy Couture back at UFC 105, and then again recently against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira when he was told the winner of his fight against Rampage Jackson would get the next title shot. In the UFC’s defense, the organization may have just been trying to keep the fan favorite busy during Shogun Rua’s healing period for knee surgery. As of recent White has came out and said the fight is still lined up for March in Abu Dhabi at UFC 128.

Source: Pro MMA Radio