Even though Rashad Evans will no longer be fighting Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title, he still feels that he has lost respect for his former training partner. Shocking to hear, Evans even went on to say that he respects his former nemesis Rampage Jackson more because Jackson isn’t a “sneaky sneaky snake” like Jones.

“Great team out there (at Jackson MMA’s partner gym, Grudge Training Center, including Nate Marquardt and Shane Carwin). It’s like family out there, but the thing about that is, they’re like team-affiliated with Jackson. I don’t want to put them in a position where they feel like they train with me and having to choose because of the way things are.”

“I going to do a little bit in Florida, I’m going to do some in Arizona, and I’m going to try to get up to New York City and do some training.”

“Me and Jardine are still tight. Jardine has his own gym out there, you know. And I said if I’m gonna go back out there and train, it’d be at his gym.”

“I seen (Jon Jones) in Toronto (at UFC 129) and walked by him and he looked at me and said ‘what you looking at’ and I said ‘what you looking at.”

“Jon will put on his Jon Jones hat when he’s in front of the media, but I know Jon Jones,” Evans said. “I have more respect for ‘Rampage’ [Jackson] than I do for Jon. At least Rampage will be like ‘this is me, this is what you get.’ He’s straight up, boom. I don’t like that sneaky, sneaky stuff. Jon is like sneaky. Snake … snake.”

“Yeah I was gettin’ into (the bitter twitter quarrel with Jones). I like to talk, and I was gettin’ real excited about it. There were a lot of things that made me mad about the whole situation so…I definitely wanted to address a few things.”

“I seen him in Toronto and walked by him and he looked at me and said “What you lookin’ at?’ and I said “What you lookin’ at?” Then he said “You a clown!” and I said “You a clown!” and that was it….it was nothing.”

“No, I will not be going back to Jackson’s. I’ll never go back to Jackson’s. Wait, because I don’t want to go back there I’m not goin to say never, I’m just gonna say I’m not going back.”