Last night the former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton Rampage Jackson (30-8) tweeted:

“almost ready 2 sign the bout agreement! i would tell yall who im gonna get down with,but i cant spell his name….hahaha”


Hmm, a fighter with a difficult name. My first assumption was the Japanese – Brazilian, Lyoto Machida (16-1). And my notion may be correct as reports came out of today saying that sources close to the fighters say they are close to signing.

The matchup makes much sense, both men are former champions coming off recent losses. Jackson with a unanimous decision loss to Rashad Evans, and Machida being KO’ed by the new champion Mauricio Shogun Rua.

Much criticism came down on Jackson last week when he was quoted saying he did not really want Machida, that he would rather avenge a loss against Forrest Griffin. Many perceived it as Jackson dodging Machida as many fighters are rumored to be doing in the light heavyweight division.

Machida’s manager Ed Soares was also quoted saying that he felt Machida should get his immediate rematch to finish a trilogy as they are now 1 -1.

The official venue is yet to be announced but with possibilities of headlining this may be the November, Germany card. Will keep you updated as more comes out.