Twitter wars strike again, and it is no surprise that these two went at it. Ever since the arguing back and forth that took place on TUF season 10 between Rashad Evan and Rampage Jackson they have been taunting each other. We finally will be able to see this match-up come May 29 at UFC 114 in Vegas. Here is what the two have been saying as of late to each other on

“@Rampage4real no matter what May 29th brings I promise u I won’t hate it as much as u hated Dec 12th cuz I ain’t neva’ scared!!! …4 those that don’t know @rampage4real was suppose 2 fight me Dec 12th 2009 but decided it was it not in his best interest (scared)!” Rashad Evans

I find it very funny that @sugarashadevans thinks me not fighting Dec 12 had anything to do with him.”Rampage Jackson

@rampage4real whatever the reason is (fight) we gonna c how much heart u really got! U need 2 c The Wiz cuz u got no heart (Tin Man)!!” Rashad Evans, I wonder how long it toook for Rashad to come up with this response.

“@SugaRashadEvans We’ll see who got the heart in may cuz I promise u, u gonna run cuz u know u don’t want to stand & fight with me… Bring your pillow cause you going to sleep boy!! Dem chin stands ain’t gonna help!!Rampage Jackson

I decided that I’m gonna leave @Rampage4real aka Quitting Jackson (lol) alone cuz I don’t want @Danawhite 2 call me saying he quit again!” Rashad Evans

@rampage4real aka Quitting we’ll c soon enough! But I can’t wait 2 make u dance like Elvis like Forrest did when he kicked u in the leg! =)” Rashad Evans

@SugaRashadEvans Hahaha… You’re so gay!” Rampage Jackson

@rampage4real aka “Quittin” speaking of gay u ever have that baby u were carrying 4 Tiki?Cuz yo’ belly was looking like Big Country’s!!” Rashad Evans