Quinton “Rampage” Jackson may already be doing what he do does best.. Get under his opponents skin. During today’s UFC 135 conference in Denver, Colorado Jackson makes a joke out of the serious staredown with Jon “Bones” Jones. Jones does not look pleased to say the least. Here is the transcripts of questions answered during the press as the two take verbal shots at each other.

Via 5th Round:
Rampage addressing the reporter:
Who’s been standing with me, dog? Who’s actually been doing mixed martial arts with me, man? Everybody has been wrestling with me. You already know, playa.

Jones: I think I displayed pretty good kickboxing against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ [Rua], and Shogun is somebody that actually knees, elbows and throws high kicks and things. Rampage is like fighting a boxer, in my opinion. If he thinks I’m intimidated to stand by him, I think that’s great for me he’s under that impression.

Rampage: I just have to say, straight up, I respect you. I do think you the future of MMA. Straight up, keeping it real. But you fought Shogun when he was rusty as hell, dog. He was off of injury, he hadn’t fought in over a year, two knee surgeries…

Jones: There will always be excuses. I’m sure after I beat you, it’ll be, ‘Oh, you didn’t fight the Pride Rampage, you fought the movie star Rampage.’ So, there will always be excuses.

Rampage: You’re right, there’s a 100 of them. I got three excuses for every time I’ve lost. I got a bunch of ‘em.

Jones: Are you thinking of anything good now?

Rampage: Oh, I ain’t gonna need no excuses after this fight. I ain’t gonna need not one. You gonna need a bunch of ‘em!