Former light heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson tells Fighter Only Magazine that he’s so hungry to come back strong with an exciting fight, he would considered doing a heavyweight bout .

Rampage Jackson:

“Whenever I lose it always makes me hungrier but it also depends on how I lose. Quite honestly I would rather be fighting someone more exciting just because I feel like my last fight was really boring, a lot more boring than I wanted it to be,” he told us.

“So I wanted to fight someone who is a little bit more exciting and now the pressure is on me to make the fight exciting. Now I don’t know what kind of fighter I am gonna be on the night – am I gonna play it safe just to get the win or am I gonna be the normal fighter that I am and look to make the fight exciting?”

“I would have fought somebody coming off a loss to make the fight more exciting, I was even willing to fight at heavyweight, someone who is going to bang. At the end of the day, me, I really don’t acre if I win or lose, my main thing is a good fight.”

Rampage is scheduled to headline in a  fight against Lyoto Machida at UFC 123 on November 20th.

Source: Fighters Only