‘Rampage’ Jackson gets three years probation for his stunt leading police on a chase through southern California.


“I will never see that judge in a courtroom again. …I don’t see myself doing anything crazy again. …I want to be a positive role model.”

The new addition to the Wolfslair Gym, in England, (which is also home to Michael Bisping,) Rampage Jackson, will soon cross the pond to begin his training camp for the long over due bout between him and Rashad Evans. The fight is set for UFC 113 which will be in Montreal Canada, on May 1st.

Let’s hope his wild stunt on the wrong side of the law is behind him, and that being in Hollywood for the past few months hasn’t tarnished his skills in the cage, I’d like to see him keep the mo-hawk too. This will be one of the super fights of the year in my opinion, and I can not wait to see these guys finally throw down.