I guess Shogun along with the seven other UFC fighters Jon Jones walked through were softer than a grape in Rampage Jackson’s eyes.

“I’m not worried about his punches or his kicks,” Jackson told UFC.com. “I’ll walk right through it, I don’t care about it. He ain’t showing me a whole lot of power, especially with the way he stands. His stance is all wrong to even generate power. The guy can’t bust a grape. I’m confident that I have him figured out. I don’t think that Jones’ chin can take the kind of force that I’m gonna bring. He has never been hit that hard. I’m gonna have fun whipping his ass.”

One interesting fact is that both men have faced wrestling stand-out, Matt Hamill. Though it was a technical loss for Jones, many saw it as a quick decimation of Hamill in the first that was to be a TKO victory for Jones if he had not dropped illegal elbows.

Rampage recently fought an injured Hamill (according to Hamill’s management), and took a unanimous decision. MMA math like this doesn’t usually work, but Rampage may want to consider that it took him longer to bust the Hamill ‘grape.’

The two will face-off at the upcoming UFC 135 card in Denver, Colorado on September 24.