It seems the animosity between UFC 114 headliners Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans goes back further then The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 10.

Jackson explains that the feud actually rooted back six years ago when Rashad Evans fought  Jackson’s then protege Hector Ramirez at Gladiator Challenge 27.

Ramirez, also a former wrestler, suffered torn ligaments in his right ankle early in the first round leaving Ramirez with no choice but to stand and swing for a knockout which did not come.

During the second round Evans who had been trainig with UFC legend Dan Severn at the time, slowly picked Ramirez apart in the stand-up. Becoming cocky at times, Evans put his hands down and showboated angering Jackson.

Evans won the fight by unanimous decision, giving Ramirez his first MMA loss of his career.

“Rashad was still dancing around playing with his nipples back then with them little tight shorts on acting like he was doing something,” he told Tuesday during a conference call promoting UFC 114.

After the fight Evans approached Jackson and asking to train with him. “I don’t want to train with you, man. You just disrespected my teammate'” responded Jackson.

“He was my favorite fighter,” Evans said. “He was my dude. He really was one of the dudes, I was like, ‘Man, I want to get into fighting.’ When he got his ass whooped by Wanderlei (Silva), that kind of crushed me. But still, he was still my dude.”