Rampage Jackson will be making a guest appearance to co-host on WWE Raw and promote his new movie along with fellow A-Team remake cast-mates Bradley Cooper and Sharito Copley on June 7th.

The WWE started having guest hosts on the show as of last June, featuring former wrestling champs and other celebs hoping to boost their ratings up. Host will usually make an opening speech, and sometimes even go ‘head to head’ with some of the wrestlers.

Dana White told The MMA Hour earlier today that had no idea Rampage would be appearing on WWE, but said he had problem with it. White added that Rampage didn’t need to clear his appearance on the show with the UFC.

“I have a great relationship with Vince McMahon,” White said. “I think it’s great. Good for Jackson. Stuff he does on the side. If he was going to professionally wrestle on the WWE, then he’d have to talk to me, but if he’s making an appearance, absolutely not.”

Catch Rampage playing B.A. Baracus, (made famous by Mr. T) in the remake of the 80’s TV show, ‘The A-Team’ on June 11th.