Well at least Phil Davis won his bout against Tim Boetsch right? Through all the celebration, some how a rather deep gash in Davis’ leg was completely overlooked by Davis and UFC doctors as well. The gash measures two-inches long and required 36 stitches to patch up..ouch. Here’s what “Mr. Wonderful” had to say about his not-so-wonderful wound;

It didn’t hurt at all. You walk off the stage, and the doctor’s like, ‘does anything hurt?’ I’m like, ‘no bro, I feel awesome, I just won.’ Then you go into the back and the doctors ask again like, ‘is anything hurt?’ They sit you down; they’re checking you out. I missed it, the UFC doctors missed it, and we saw a little blood trickling, but neither I nor the doctor had any idea it was as bad as it was. Thank God I didn’t go home like that. Knowing me being me, I wouldn’t have gotten medical attention right away and I would have gangrene and I’d probably lose my foot or something.”