In light of recent events with fighters such as Chael Sonnen and now Nate Marquardt caught with high levels of testoterone after taking doctor prescribed testosterone replacements to up their lowered levels, The Prodigy BJ Penn speaks out on the matter.

“All this testosterone replacement therapy stuff is total BS. A true martial artist would never consider cheating! If you can’t do it of carbs, fats, proteins and vitamins and minerals you’re weak! Fighters on ‘roids = blue collar crime. Coaches of fighters on ‘roids = white collar crime. Everyone has to come together and get this “ped” cancer out of our sport!”

Agree with the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champ? Is it wrong of a fighters to take testosterone replacement therapy even if  taken in proper doses that equate to normal testosterone levels? If so the sport may need to start adding asterisks to many of the top fighters. Besides Sonnen and Marquardt, also reported to have prescriptions for TRT are fighters like Dan Henderson, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, and Todd Duffee. We do not advocate the use but all listed fighters have been said to be approved by their respected athletic commission prior to their fight. Perhaps Penn should include the athletic commissions in his efforts to fight the TRT cancer on MMA.