Paul Daley has not been having the most stellar year in 2010. After a frustrating loss to Josh Koscheck at UFC 113 on May 8, Daley decided to take a swing at Koscheck after the fight ended. This resulted in his removal from the UFC and will now be punished by the Athletic Commission.

Daley’s disciplinary action was handed down at a recent meeting  on Tuesday, said Collette Lepianay, an information agent for the Governing Body of Alcohol, Races and Games of Quebec (RACJ). According to Lepianay, Daley did not attend the meeting, as he’d agreed to the suspension and wasn’t going to contest it.

Daley is scheduled to fight at Shark Fights 13 on Sept. 11 at the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum in Amarillo, TX. That would be exactly 33 days from the suspension, working in Daley’s favor.

Following a departure from the UFC, Daley received a third round win over Daniel Acacio at Impact FC in Sydney, Australia on July 18. Daley will be looking to start a win streak and return to the larger promotions by early next year.