Pat Barry (6-2) returns to his winning ways defeating the Mexecutioner, Joey Beltran with some viscous leg kicks for three rounds. Here is the play by play.


Barry looks very calm as he stalks Beltran against the fence. Beltran clinches and Barry pushes him to the fence. Beltran reverses and fails a takedown attempt. Ref Yamasaki resets them. The two exchange some punches and Beltran gets Barry against the fence again, utilizing some dirty boxing. Barry is knee’d to the groin and Yamasaki gives Barry time to recover. Barry comes back stalking Beltran to the corner and the bell rings.An uneventful first round. Caged Insider gives Beltran a 10-9 over Barry.


Barry takes control of center of cage and quickly throws a high kick that lands. Barry starts landing  shots and low kicks. Beltran responds with a series of strikes moving forward and clinches. Beltran pulls Barry down to one knee but Barry quickly pops back up. Barry lands a loud kick to the lower leg of Beltran than comes with a high kick. Beltran looksin trouble with injury on the front leg but continues to try and come forward. Barry continues chopping the limping leg of Beltran. Barry is loosening and Beltran continues coming forward and finishes with a clinch and knee. Caged Insider gives Barry a 10-9 over Beltran.


Barry lands a high kick to the face. Beltran tries to answer but misses a high kick. Beltran takes another strike to the face with a spinning kick. Third attempt by  Barry is not landed. Beltran clinches to the fence and knees the inside leg. Beltran backs up and lands some stikes to the face. Beltran is starting to mount a comeback with  combination’s. Barry attempts to push off Beltran and accidentally pokes the eye of Beltran. The ref gives him time to recover but Beltran is holding eye shut. Barry starts destroying the leg of Beltran. The fight ends with Beltran collapsing from leg kicks. Caged Insider gives Barry the win with a 10-9 third round.

Official: Pat Barry defeats Joey Beltran via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Barry is now moving back up in heavyweight division ranking with wins over Joey Beltran, Antoni Hardonk, and Dan Evenson.