The Stockton brawler Nick Diaz (26-7) makes a successful return to the UFC defeating the Prodigy BJ Penn (16-8-2) at UFC 137. Here is the play by play.

Round One:
Penn comes forward and lands an inside punch, leveraging Diaz to clinch. The two come apart and Penn land a jab. Diaz lands a right. Penn gets the single leg takedown and Diaz reverses on the way down. Penn is able to quickly sweep to half guard. The two stand, and Diaz holds on to a leg pressuring Penn against the fence. Penn changes levels landing to the stomach and to the head. Penn lands an uppercut. Diaz starts coming forward with the jab finding a home. Diaz lands a good jab as the round ends. gives BJ Penn the round 10-9

Round Two:
Penn  starts pawing at Nick. Diaz pushes Penn against the fence and attempts to dirty box. Both men are very active with the jab. Diaz is starting to out land on Penn. Penn’s body is getting beaten with hooks. Diaz drops for a double and unsuccessful. Penn starts to look shaky against the fence being stalked. Penns taking a beating standing but not going down yet. Penn survives the round but looks bloodied. gives Nick Diaz the round 10-8

Round Three:
Both men come out swinging but Diaz gets Penn against the fence. Diaz continues to outland Penn. Penn comes back with a counter for every three shots Diaz lands. Diaz continues to bully Penn on the cage with body, body, head combos. Last 90 seconds and it is becoming the battle of the jabs. Diaz starts throwing wider rights now in the last minute. Penn is still alive throwing his own haymakers. Both men end striking and both men look like they have been through a brawl.

official: Nick Diaz defeats BJ Penn via unanimous decision 29-28, 29-27, 29-28

Diaz the vacating Strikeforce welterweight champion will look to regain his UFC title shot now as he will likely be next in line to face the winner of Carlos Condit vs champion Georges St-Pierre.