Nick Diaz talks about his upcoming fight against former boxer, K.J. Noons.

“I’m just happy to get this show on the road, you know, and this guy’s finally ready to fight me so… I just want a chance to actually get a fair chance, you know, to fight. Like before, you know I’m landing more punches. This guy… he lands some lucky shots and opened up some cuts and they stopped the fight, but I was far from done fighting so… you know, I’m just happy to be able to, win or lose, I just want to fight for real. If I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose for real and I’m ready for my ass-whupping if I’m going to take an ass-whupping, you know, I’m ready but let me take my ass-whupping if that’s how it’s going to be, you know, because I’m ready for it. I was born for it, so I’m ready for that. I get paid for that and there’s plenty of people out thre who want to see me take an ass-whupping, so…

“That’s the thing for me, even though we fought the first time, you know, I wasn’t excited about that fight. That’s why I was running in on him like that and I took those punches because I was angry and I was careless and I was rushing in because, you know, I’m used to fighting all really good opponents, you know, I had no idea who this guy was and he wasn’t important and it’s really embarrassing to me because they put a title up and they say, here, fight this guy, and then he gets excited and starts hitting me, running around in circles and it makes me angry so I started running and chasing him around and like, you know, he just had no business being in the main event of a show anyways, who was he? Nobody knew who KJ Noons was. You know, he got knocked out one time by one important guy that’s not important, you know, got knocked out by Krazy Horse and I beat guys that beat him so… that’s the thing, you know, I’m not excited about fighting people who aren’t good.

“That’s the thing about fighting (Mayhem) Miller, you know… I have no problem taking a fight with Miller, you know, the thing is just why does he get to fight me? Everybody thinks that, you know, I don’t understand that because he just keeps losing, you know, and then he gets to fight me because I’m not important, right? So… you know… and like he goes to Japan, he takes fights like with guys like just ridiculous opponents, you know, and then makes a joke out of ‘em, he goes in there and punches and hitting them, you know, for what? This guy’s just trying to, you know, he’s got that warrior spirit inside of him, he’s come out trying to do his best and you know you can finish this guy, but you’re just going to hit him and make a joke out of that whole thing, you know?

“I think that’s s—, man, you know, like I’ve never took a fight like that in my life. I’d never do that, it’d be embarrassing for me, you know, and if something like that were to take place, I would finish the fight, you know, and in a respectful manner and just get the job done. He’s sitting in there wearing zebra pants punching on the guy, acting like a fool, you know…”

Source: Fight Opinion