Today middleweight contender Nate Marquardt turned down a potential bout with TUF season 3 winner Michael Bisping, at May 29th’s UFC 114.

According to Marquardt, one of the reasons he won’t fight Bisping is the fact that he and his wife Tess are expecting their first child together two days before the fight. He stated that he did not want to risk missing his baby being born while training for the match. Marquardt also made sure to add, “Lucky for Bisping.”

Marquardt has not had any fights since dropping suffering a split decision to Chael Sonnen at UFC 109. This fight stopped a 3 fight win streak for him and also kept him from having a chance at Anderson Silva.

“It’s something I still think about every day,” Marquardt said. “Something happened in that fight [with Sonnen]. I went into the fight trying for the knockout, and when you go forward too aggressively against a wrestler, that’s when he gets the takedown. I went too far forward, and he was able to get in every time. I don’t want to make excuses. I lost the fight. I just need to make myself better.”

Marquardt was asked about what he thought of the upcoming fight between Georges St. Pierre, whom he trains with frequently in Montreal and Dan Hardy;

“I was up there last week,” Marquardt said. “I really think Georges is going to outclass Hardy in this fight. I think Hardy’s a great up-and-coming fighter, a good striker with a lot of heart, but there’s a class difference.”

Even though Hardy is known for his killer punches, Marquardt feels confident that GSP can hold his own in that area;

“I think Georges’ striking is 10 times better than Hardy’s, but he’s not going to go in there and go punch-for-punch with him,” he said. “That’s not something anybody would do.”

Marquardt also expressed his feelings on the co-main event between one of his training partners, Shane Carwin and Frank Mir;
“He’s expected to win against Shane,” Marquardt said. “He’s got the experience. But Shane’s just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than Brock Lesnar. The guy hits so hard. I’ve never seen anyone who hits as hard as Shane. All it takes is one punch. All it takes is one takedown and some ground-and-pound. This was a very dangerous fight for Mir to take.”