Nate “The Great” Marquardt talks with MMANation about his upcoming bout against jiu-jitsu specialist, Rousimar Palhares at UFC Fight Night 22.

“That’s his style. He likes to work those submissions. But I’m ready to defend those submissions with everything I have. I’m not letting him catch me in anything.

“I heard he’s working very hard on his wrestling. I’m expecting him to be a great wrestler when it comes to his takedowns. If he shows up with anything less than that it’ll be an easy night. But if he shows up with good takedowns I’ll be able to display that I have good takedown defense.

“I’ll have him on the bottom if he pulls guard or whatever and be able to work my ground and pound from there. But who knows? He could be a completely different fighter when I fight him.”

“Not looking past Palhares, but winning this fight I’m gonna want a top guy. My goal is to get a title shot. I think I’m gonna have to beat one of those guys [Belfort or Okami] or maybe a Wanderlei Silva to get that shot.”

Source: MMANation