Well it looks as if we have two conflicting bits of news. Everyone has been wanting to know, “who will Brock fight next?” This is where the confusion comes in; Dana White recently stated in a Fighters Only interview that yes, Brock Lesnar’s next opponent most likely will be Frank Mir yet again.

“He never asked for Roy Nelson, that’s not true, White stated. “The last thing I did hear was that he wants to fight Frank Mir again. That fight kind of makes sense so… We will probably see Lesnar fight Mir next, I think that the rubber match makes sense.”

But here as you’ll see in the video below, Frank Mir says nope, he probably won’t be fighting Lesnar next. Hmmmm….

“Honestly right now, probably no. Just because the Carwin fight, didn’t look all that spectacular. I think a lot of people might have thought that he lost that fight. And then the Velasquez fight obviously, Velasquez made Brock basically shout ‘Stop, Enough, Enough’ before he tapped due to strikes and that looked really bad.”

I’m probably going to go with Dana on this one, being that he’s the fighters’ boss and all… Check out MMA Sucka’s  full interview with Mir below;