UFC welterweight Mike Swick spoke to MMA Junkie yesterday after rumors started to surface that he would participate at the unannounced UFC event planned for April 17th. Which just happens to be the same day Strikeforce is planning to have their second fight with CBS.

Swick said the UFC offered him a fight with Matt Serra for the event, but Swick had to unfortunately  turn the offer down due to a severe arm injury.
“My management knew about the situation and pretty much said I wasn’t going to be able to do it,” Swick said.

Swick recently got an MRI on his arm confirming the reason why he can barely move it, let alone train with it. Swick’s arm has been giving him trouble since his last fight against Dan Hardy at UFC 105 in November.¬† This coming Monday Swick will talk to a specialist to discuss possible treatments.

“The only way I’m going to get my arm to where it straights out, or even close to all the way out, is most likely the surgery,” Swick said.

His arm injury is similar to the one he acquired in his training for his fight against Marcus Davis in 2008. Swick had surgery after the fight and had bone fragments removed from his elbow that he built up during intense training.

He won’t have a for sure time frame for when he’ll be back until Monday, but he’d like to get back to training as quickly as he can.

“I’m sure it’s going to be along the lines as the first time I had surgery on my right arm,” Swick stated. “I don’t remember how long that was, but I do know that I started back too soon and it slowed down the healing process. I’m going to have to be really smart about it, because I want to fight as soon as I can. The sooner I can fight, the better it is for me.”

But a fight in a little less than two months is just not a reasonable amount of time for healing and training;

“All I can really say on that is that I’m not fighting him,” said Swick.