The man that was able to defeat St-Pierre and take his belt in the UFC, Matt Hughes had some thoughts on his second tangle with St-Pierre in his hometown. The Gracie blackbelt also feels Koscheck could have a winning chance if he really does find comfort in the heel role.

“It is a brutal crowd if you’re fighting Captain Canada in Canada,” Serra told Fightin’ Words. “I thought the cage was shaking. It was brutal. Brutal. But I don’t think it’s going to effect Koscheck at all because he loves being the heel.”

If Koscheck can truly block out the crowd, or use it to fuel himself, he has a chance to beat St-Pierre, Serra said. He would know, too. Serra is the only man in the world to knockout GSP in a professional fight.

“St-Pierre is predictable now,” Serra said. “Everyone knows what he’s going to do. But now you gotta stop it.”