The former UFC light heavyweight Lyoto Machida (16-1) arrived in Para, Brazil to a crowd of fans at the airport welcoming him home. The always polite Machida signed autographs and took pictures with his fans.

Chinzo Machida – brother and cornerman to Lyoto spoke to Jornal do Para about the fight saying Machida is ready to face off against any adversary and doesn’t necessarily think that the fact he will not get an instant rematch is unfair. The great news is Lyoto will not need to undergo any surgery on his face said Chinzo.

“It was Dana White, owner of the event, who scheduled the fight. We (team) don’t choose opponent and don’t refuse fight. If the owner of the event told us to fight, we prepared at the most to leave there with the victory. Lyoto didn’t refuse to square off other contenders who were knocking out everybody and this time wasn’t different. He gave his best in the training and also inside the Octagon. Obviously the family and fans were sad but that’s it. The life is made of gladness and sadness. When he gets the belt back, for sure, the gladness is going to be much bigger than the first time he made it”.

Fabiola Machida – Lyoto’s wife also revealed that her husband is upset but remains calm because this is a result of the fight business.

It sounds that the Brazilian’s spirits are in no way altered as his camp assures that Machida will be back and stronger than ever.