An interesting prediction is made by the last man to suffer the destruction of Jon Jones. Shogun Rua pegs the former champion he dethroned with a first round KO, Lyoto Machida as the one to take the belt from Jones.

“He has every chance to beat Jones,” Rua told “His counterattack style is very strong and tough to beat. I think his style could match perfectly with Jones” style. I’d bet on him if I had to.”

Styles do make fights and we are yet to see how Machida’s elusive style would match against the superior wrestler, Jones. However Machida will first need to defeat the UFC legend Randy Couture at UFC 129, something Rua says should be no problem for ‘The Dragon.

“Lyoto’s going to win,” he said. “He’s very fast and agile for the division, and Couture is not at his best. It”s very difficult to force a ground fight with Lyoto. He has a strong base and balance. If Couture puts him down, he has a chance to win. He”s always dangerous, but he can only win if he can get the fight on the ground.”

Rua himself is in preparation for an upcoming rematch against another former champion in Forrest Griffin at UFC 134 in Rio.

“I’m 100 percent focused on Griffin,” Rua said. “If I win that fight, and if Couture defeats Lyoto, let’s see what happens. I would accept that fight, for sure.”

Source: ESPN