Lyoto Machida’s manager, Ed Soares has spoken out about what went wrong in Machida’s recent fight.

Lyoto should have maybe moved around a little more; he got caught up in the moment,” Soares told “But no excuses. It was ‘Shogun’s’ night, and he deserves to be a champion.”

During the fight Machida was caught with a shot to the head that knocked him to the floor givng Shogun enough time to go straight to full mount and drop devastating bombs to Machida’s face, putting him out cold. When Machida awoke he had  significant  swelling under his left eye.

“He does have a slight hairline fracture, and the reason why it puffed up is the doctor said there was air that got in, and that’s why it fills up,” Soares said. “You have almost like a seal with your orbital, and when you have a little hairline fracture and you blow your nose, it just fills up with air. That’s what ended up happening.

“It’s nothing too major. He may have to have surgery; he may not. It’s up in the air right now.”

Soares said Machida returned to Brazil today and will take some time off to heal before returning to training.

“I’m no doctor, but I’d assume he’s probably going to have go at least 60 to 75 days without contact,” Soares said. “Then he can start training again.”

With such a neutralization of Machida’s fighting style, one must question his psyche. Will he be able to overcome such an emphatic loss?

“Lyoto’s not totally crushed,” Soares said. “He’s upset, of course. You lose the belt; you get knocked out – but this is the fight game. One of the things that Lyoto says is that this is the beautiful thing about our sport: anything can happen. Saturday night was ‘Shogun’s’ night.

“Look what happened with Georges St-Pierre. He got beat by Matt Serra, and he came back even better. I think that’s going to happen with Machida, too. I really believe that’s going to happen.”