Yoshizo Machida weighs-in on his sons loss, explaining that he feels 35 is when you start your athletic decline, and Lyoto Machida feels the same and may very likely retire. This would only give theĀ  32 yr. oldĀ  former champion only three more year.

Even worse then aging, Yoshizo says the damage of a loss to your spirit can take years to overcome.

“As a parent, I think he just realized his dream that was to be the world champion, and it would be good for him to stop. On the other hand, after being defeated, it becomes more challenging and therefore he wants to prove even more. There is a spiritual strengthening of the man.”

“I think technique of the top fighters is close. Today what makes the difference is the spirit.”

“Mostly, for those who are defeated as he was, it is recovering quickly, and that is what I worry about the most. … Injuries and losses occur, but you can recover from them. But in the spiritual matter, it may take up to five or 10 years. This is what can bring bad things and what really worries me.”