Lee Murray, former UFC middleweight, has reportedly been sentenced to 10 years in a Morocco jail for his involvement in what is known to be Britain’s biggest bank robbery to date.

Murray was the brains behind the £53 million ($77 million) robbery of Kent Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Englnad in early 2006. He then fled to Morocco where he has citizenship as well.

According to the BBC article, British officers started to work with Moroccan authorities when it was found out that Murray couldn’t be extradited back to England to stand on trial.

Also according to the BBC report, the fighter left authorities crucial evidence that help lead to his arrest when he crashed his car a couple of days before the heist and left the scene with his phone still in the car. Murray mistakenly  recorded a conversation about the robbery with an accomplice, which prosecutors used against him. At the time of the arrest, police removed £21 million from Murray.