AKA coach Javier Mendez, though, offers no excuses for his fighter’s performance. St-Pierre was simply the better man.

Josh fought crappy,” he said. “He knows it. If we told him he fought great, we’d be lying. He didn’t do anything what he was supposed to do, and at the same time, Georges did.

Josh is similar to what I was like. I never did what my coaches wanted to do; I did what I wanted to do. Some people like to guide themselves, and others like people guiding them. Let’s not discount the fact that GSP is a great fighter.”

Surprisingly, Mendez agrees with UFC president Dana White’s statement following UFC 124 that St-Pierre has cleaned out the welterweight division, even though he works closely with AKA fighter Jon Fitch, a fighter who’s beaten almost everyone of note with the exception of the champ.

“[St-Pierre] beat the No. 2 guy, which is my guy Fitch, and Fitch has gotten better, but he’s beat him already,” he said. “He’s beat Thiago (Alves) and destroyed him. He’s pretty much done it.

Source: MMAJunkie