On Monday at the TUF 12 media conference in Las Vegas, Josh Koscheck made some bold accusations stating that welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre may have used steroids at one point. Kos also stated that perhaps the fighters should be submitted to Olympic grade random blood tests leading up to their fight following the end of TUF 12. And of course two days later, Koscheck takes back the remarks he made;

”Media stories on comments I made about rumors of GSP are in no way factual,” Koscheck said. “I’m known for polarizing comments, and I got caught up in hyping TUF and our fight. I was wrong, and apologize to GSP for trying to invalidate his hard work and talent.”

Both Kos and GSP have agreed to Olympic-style drug testing if need be. This type of testing is more thorough than standard testing issued by athletic commissions across the country. Instead of just urine tests, the men will do blood tests as well, which can pick up an trace of performance-enhancing drugs. Just to make it clear, St. Pierre has never tested positive for any steroid use.

Looking pass this little ‘mishap,’ Koscheck seems excited to fight the champ, and is confident he can beat him.

I’ve waited for this fight a long time, and can’t wait to face one of the best fighters in the world, and come out with the win,” Koscheck added.