Yahoo Sports Journalist Kevin Iole offers a reflection of Evans recent comments in the press regarding his former training partner and now next opponent.

“Sometimes, the toughest guys in the world act, you know, a little wimpy, said Iole.
Rashad Evans is a little pouty these days and his friendship with Jon Jones, the 23-year-old phenom who recently won the Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight title, is clearly deteriorating .”

It is no secret that ever since the bout between the two was set, Evans has voiced a feeling of betrayal from his former team-member and has since moved training camp to get away from the new champ.

“I feel disrespected by Jon because when I think about when we trained or when we were chilling, was the [expletive] even real? ” Evans told Duane Finley. “Or was he trying to be a master manipulator and try to manipulate the situation so he could get what he wanted out of it?”

Iole then points out the resentment seeding from Jones replacing Evans for the title shot against Rua due to a knee injury suffered by Evans.

Part of Evans’ disappointment, clearly, comes as a part of the unfortunate circumstances that led to Jones replacing him in the title bout against Rua. Evans was training for his bout with Rua as Jones was in Las Vegas the week he was to fight Bader. In training, Diego Sanchez rolled onto Evans’ knee and injured it.

Following the comments of Jones admitting that he would fight Evans despite training with him if that is what the boss, Dana White wanted Evans responded aggressively. Iole points out that such comments shouldn’t have rattled the former champ, Rashad Evans.

It’s amazing that an athlete as tough as Evans, one who knocked out Chuck Liddell, who defeated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who stopped Forrest Griffin, would be so bothered by such an innocuous comment.” -Kevin Iole