Following a disappointing loss for Kenny “Kenflo” Florian to now top UFC lightweight contender Gray Maynard, Florian talked with UFC octagon announcer Bruce Buffer on Buffer’s radio show. Kenflo says that he still sees the loss as a blessing, and will be working to be a more complete mixed martial artist.

“It looks like my training team wants me to fight in another five months. I’m more motivated than ever. I’m pissed, to be honest. I want to crush my training. That’s what I’m focused on right now. I just hired the assistant wrestling coach at Boston University (Sean Gray) to be my wrestling coach here in Boston and I have other plans for a lot of other things as far as training goes… Losses are blessings in disguise I’ve never been more motivated in my life. I kind of feel like this was one of the most frustrating losses that I’ve ever had and it was a fight I definitely learned a lot from. I’m very motivated and I had to come back to training quickly. I’ve already started training and did a hard conditioning session (Tuesday). I’m just motivated to work very hard and get right back into it… I need to make sure my game is capable of beating everybody in every aspect and it wasn’t. So, I’ve been doing wrestling every single day. I’ve been watching wrestling and researching wrestling every single day.”

Source: Bruce Buffer Radio