Kenny “Kenflo” Florian pulls off the big victory in his debut at 145 lb. weight class  against up and comer Diego Nunes to claim a possible UFC title shot against Jose Aldo. Florian, the larger man was able to control the ring and use superior grappling and cardio to pull off the victory. Here is the live play by play.

Round One:
Florian comes out quickly to the center as Nunes circles. Nunes slips a hook and circles. Nunes lands the leg kick. Florian misses and Nunes lands a double-leg takedown. Florian quickly pops up eating a knee to the abdomen. Nunes lands a jab that bounces back Florians head. Nunes lands a high kick. Nunes lands a spinning back fist. Nunes missing with spinning back kick. Florian ducks a punch and gets the takedown. Diego escapes and stands. Nunes misses with a spinning back fist and follows with a flurry that drops Florian. Florian quickly throws up a triangle as the round ends.

Caged Insider gives the round to Diego Nunes 10-9

Round Two:
Nunes throws some large hooks that Florian dodges. Florian now stalking ducks a right hook and fails the takedown. Florian comes again with a single leg and Nunes is able to get a leg trip from one leg. Florian throws up a triangle that Nunes slips out of and stands. Nunes dives into the guard with a right and breaks back up. Big John stands Florian. Florian shoots a double-leg and gets the takedown into the half guard. Nunes is now bleeding from the head on the canvas. Florian lands some big shots standing in the guard of Nunes as the round ends.

Caged Insider gives the round to Kenny Florian 10-9

Round Three:
Florian looks to have more energy than his opponent as they trade punches. Florian gets the double leg takedown with ease. Florian advances the guard to half. Florian attempts to take the back and loses position as they stand. Nunes now swinging for the fences with spin kicks, spin punches. Nunes continues coming forward missing most of his strikes. Florian gets the clinch and lands a knee to the head. Nunes rocks Florian at the last second but it was not enough to drop him.

Caged Insider gives the round to Kenny Florian 10-9 for the victory.

Official Decision: Kenny Florian defeats Diego Nunes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Florian a bjj black belt now carries UFC notable victories over top fighters Joe Lauzon, Roger Huerta, Joe Stevenson, Clay Guida, and Takanori Gomi.