In an interview with HDNet’s “Inside MMA” earlier today, former UFC champ Ken Shamrock admitted that he did indeed take steroids during his career.

This admission isn’t a complete shock though, as the fighter tested positive for three different anabolic steroids after his win over Ross Clifton at “War Gods” in early 2009. But Dennis Hallman who was serving as a guest on the panel, stood up for Shamrock and his use of steroids.

“Just like if you have a headache, you take aspirin to make yourself feel better; if you have a serious injury and you take steroids to heal you, that’s a smart thing to do,” Hallman says. “That’s what’s going to heal your body. If you’re taking steroids to make yourself a better fighter because you don’t have the skill level or something like that, then it’s a problem.”

And although when a fighter tests positive for steroid use it’s not widely publicized, Hallman states it’s only because fighters have become a little quicker than the system.

“In our sport right now, easy – I’m going to throw the lowest number I possibly can – it’s 50 percent of people take them, if not more,” Hallman emphatically stated. “I know a ton of people in the industry, and that’s the number.”