Yet another ousted UFC fighter is going down-under for the Impact FC Australia event on July 10th. Karo  Parisyan had been discussing a move over to Strikeforce, but when that proposition fell through, the fighter decided to take on a bout with Brazilian, Luis Dutra Jr.

“I [haven’t] fought for a year-and-a-half, so it’s exciting,” Parisyan said. “Time to get on top again.”

Parisyan didn’t say much about his dealings with Strikeforce, other than he was negotiating for a six-fight deal. But he did say that he hoping for “other stuff” besides the fight in the summer to keep him active.

“The Heat” was last seen fighting against Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 94, where Parisyan defeated him by unanimous decision. Unfortunately, his win was later changed to a no-contest when the post-fight drug test showed prescription painkillers in his system. He was then fined by NSAC and had to pay $32,000.

Parisyan was banned from the UFC after he withdrew from a scheduled fight at UFC 106 against Dustin Hazelett. Dana White stated that he would never fight with the organization again.

The athletic commission that oversees his upcoming fight, is not likely withhold money from Parisyan’s purse to pay back the NSAC. The fighter had a deal with the NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer, in which he would pay the fine in installments. Kizer stated however, that he most likely won’t hold the debt over Parisyan’s head if he continues to fight outside of the US.

“We would appreciate it if he paid some of his fine, … but I’m not holding my breath,” Kizer said.