The Judo master, Karo Parisyan made his return to the Octagon this weekend, only to be cut immediately after for a less than stellar performance. It was a first round TKO loss at the 1:47 mark to Dennis Hallman that told Dana White that Parisyan could no longer compete at the UFC level.

“People asked why I brought him back and everything else,” White said. “I get in these positions where I sit here telling you, ‘you’re fighting for your UFC life.’ Then I have guys like Karo Parisyan who have put on a lot of great fights for me over the years. And he falls upon hard times. I’m not going to sit here like a goof and pat myself on the back but I’ve done a lot of things for him. He’s texting me and calling me and I said, “Alright, I’ll give this guy one more chance.”

“I’d never put a guy in harm’s way. I’d never put a guy in the UFC who I didn’t think could compete at this level. Karo came in tonight and proved that he can’t compete at this level anymore.”

Source: MMAFighting