During a recent interview with the Vancouver Sun, Junior dos Santos (12-1) was quoted boasting his confidence, saying that he believes he will get the knockout finish against Shane Carwin early in the second. The two are scheduled to battle at UFC 131 in the main event on June 11 in Vancouver, Canada. Is JDS the Babe Ruth of MMA or is he unjust in his predictions?

“It’s not important who my adversary is, but that I get back into fighting. I haven’t had a fight since August and I’m eager to get back in the Octagon. (Shane Carwin) has really heavy hands and good boxing, better than (Brock) Lesnar. There’s going to be heavy hitting on both sides. You can’t predict what’s going to happen to your opponent and you can’t predict changes that the UFC is going to want to make in the fight. So you just have to be prepared for anything and always bring your A-game. The perfect result for me is one more knockout … and I think I’ll get that knockout at the beginning of the second round.”