Youth comes out on top over experience in Denver, CO as the late replacement for Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck (16-5) takes out the UFC legend, Matt Hughes (45-9) at UFC 135 in Denver, CO via KO at 4:59 of Round one.

Hughes showed much improved hands early in the first as he landed straights and hooks to the injured orbital of Koscheck. It wasn’t till late in the round, Koscheck started landing hooks dropping Hughes, in which provoked the beginning of the end, as Koscheck finished it on the back with ground and pound with only a second left in round one.

Koscheck bounces back from a crippling defeat from UFC light heavyweight champion Georges St-Pierre, suffering a broken orbital bone. Koscheck has suffered two losses against the dominant champ, making a third bout against the champ a hard sell. Unless St-Pierre losses his upcoming bout against Carlos Condit at UFC 137, Koscheck will likely look to move up to the middleweight division.