In  a new entry on the UFC 113 blog, Josh Koscheck (14-4) wrote about his thoughts on his upcoming bout against Paul “Semtax” Daley (23-8-2). Koscheck with a very confident attitude said this:

“The way I see it, Paul Daley is just a guy that just likes to talk trash and he’s a one-dimensional fighter. Those guys are from the old days – like the one-dimensional wrestler or the one-dimensional striker. Those days are over, and you’ve got to become a complete mixed martial artist. But I was at that point once. I was a one-dimensional wrestler, and coming from The Ultimate Fighter days, if you look at the evolution of Josh Koscheck, I’ve changed and I’m excited about the transition I made and the sacrifices I made to get here. I can submit guys, I can knock guys out, I can head kick guys, and I’m not gonna have a problem standing toe-to-toe with Paul Daley. He’s not gonna hit me with anything I haven’t been hit with.”

It has been reported by Dana White himself that the winner of the bout may possibly go head-to-head against Georges St. Pierre in the next season of The Ultimate Fighter followed up with a title shot.