Jose Aldo explained that he studied Gamburyan throughout the first round to calculate the shortest path to victory. That proved to be catching Gamburyan with a combo, and as Gamburyan attempted a takedown, he was caught with a wicked uppercut that sent him to the canvas. Aldo quickly smelled blood and took the back and slipped punches under the armpit that assured the contender was out cold.

Jose Aldo:

“I did everything I trained for. I was able to come in with a clear mind and execute my gameplan. It’s the same thing that happened against Urijah (Faber), they gave him the first round. I tried to study my opponent in the first round and in the second round I was able to execute my gameplan. I saw what Manny was doing and I wanted to take the shortest route to the end of the fight. Just like Manny earned his title shot, there’s a lot of guys who are going to earn their title shot. I’m here for the WEC, I’m going to have to be ready for whoever they put in front of me.”