The newly crowned UFC featherweight champion and former WEC champ Jose Aldo (19-1) was able to pull off his first successful title defense in the UFC against Canada’s Mark Hominick (20-9)  at UFC 129 in Toronto, Canada. Aldo’s pin-point accuracy in striking dropped Hominick twice in the fight but almost suffered a loss late in the fifth.

Round One:
Aldo Comes forward with a combo that is blocked. Both men quickly hopping. Left hook lands following a kick by Aldo. Aldo lands good low kicks and follows with a takedown. Mark attempts the armbar but Aldo slips. Aldo drops some elbows from the top, Hominick tries to tighten but Aldo lands more short elbows. Aldo is restricting the breathing of Hominick from the top and slips the punch from the top. The two stand and Aldo quickly gets the takedown with ease as the round ends.

Round Two:
Hominick comes forward stalking throwing some brutal left hooks to the stomach. Aldo fails the takedown but lands some jabs. Left hook landed by Hominick, and followed up with two jabs. Aldo starts ducking the jabs and gets the takedown. Aldo  tries to stack Hominick but unable to do so. Aldo again throws some small elbows as Hominick puts a stop by tying up. Ref. John McCarthy warns Hominick about grabbing the fence as he does twice. McCarthy stands the two up. Aldo’s eye is bleeding under his left eye clearly, but able to get another takedown. Hominick stuck on the bottom to finish out the round.

Round Three:
Aldo lands an  uppercut, Hominicks corner yells that Aldo is gassing. Aldo now active with the jabs and leg kicks. The two start to trade and as Aldo gets caught with two he attempts the takedown and fails. The two continue to trade in the pocket and Aldo is getting the worse of it. Aldo finally gets the takedown but Hominick pops right back up. Aldo catches Hominick and drops him with a straight right followed by a left hook and Aldo goes for the finish but Mark is able to tie up Aldo and recover from the bottom. Hominick now bloodied on the bottom eats some elbows to finish out the round.

Round Four:
Both men battered come out for the fourth and Hominick is clearly having his eye swelling as he blinks. Aldo starts becoming aggressive coming forward with bombs. Hominick is able to dodge most and Jose slows. McCarthy calls time and resets the two. Both men start landing jabs on each other. Aldo comes forward with a combination of jab, left hook, leg kick that lands. Aldo lands a straight jab down the pipes that drops Hominick again and he is able to tie it up and recover again but there is clearly huge swelling that looks very bad similar to Lyoto Machida’s broken orbital bone after Rua KO. Ref. calls in doctor to look at the grotesque swelling.. They say he’s good to continue. Aldo gets the takedown again as they reset and the round ends.

Round Five:
The doctor checks again and says the swelling is good to go. Aldo comes out punishing Hominicks leg. Aldo catches Hominick with a counter hook. Hominick now goes for the takedown and Aldo attempts a guillotine and he slips it easily. Now in half guard we see Hominick is bleeding badly but he is able to injure Aldo from the top raining punches down. Aldo looks exhausted trying to fight the on-slaught off. Hominick works the mid-section of Aldo over and over. Aldo looks dazed in a bad position. Hominick trying to finish with more and more strikes but Aldo barely hangs in. Hominick tries to finish but they have went the decision.

Both do push-ups to show they still have energy after the fight.

Official: Unanimous Decision
Jose Aldo defeats Mark Hominick via unanimous decision (50-43, 48-46, 49-46)

Aldo now carries notable wins over Mark Hominick, Manvel Gamburyan, Urijah Faber, Mike Brown, Cub Swanson, and Jonathon Brookins.