UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo still has a drive to retain a second UFC belt as soon as he heals current injuries. Aldo would like to capture the UFC lightweight title which would make him part of a very small set of UFC fighters to do so.

“I don’t like to stop and I am never satisfied. I always think on the future. I want to fight three times in 2011 and keep my featherweight belt, then to move up to 155lbs division and battle to be the [lightweight] champion in 2012.”

“I have a hernia. In my last fight in September with Manny Gamburyan I left the Octagon worn out. As I was feeling pain, I began to lose strength on my arm,” he explained.

“I lost one centimetre in the right arm, which is where I have more force. I talked to Dana White and he also thought it would be better to put off my debut. But now I’m already anxious for the return.”

“ I wish to be well in August. If everything goes alright I’ll perform at UFC Rio. All the Brazilians gun for it.”

Source: FightersOnlyMagazine.co.uk