After his impressive victory over UFC vet Vladimir Matyushenko, Jon Jones states that he wants to step up the competition and take on a top contender next;

“Every opponent I’ve had are really tough guys. Right now, I’m passing these tests with flying colors. I really don’t want to sound arrogant, so I’ve got to be careful the way I word this, but I want to fight someone who’s really going to give me a really tough test. That has to be the champion or whoever. I want to fight someone who’s supposedly much better than me … so I can really step up and evolve to a different level.”
“There’s the champion (Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua), and he’s the toughest guy right now. He’s very well-rounded. He’s a great striker. Just like the top three contenders. I really want to push myself against the No. 1, 2 and 3 guys now. I really feel like that needs to happen. The top three guys are the guys I’d like to fight – except for (teammate) Rashad (Evans), obviously.”

And Jones, now a top light heavyweight contender, also said if he wasn’t doing so well in his weight class, he’d love to bump up and face James Toney. Toney recently made the comment that he wanted to ‘slap’ Jones, which wasn’t taken lightly by the young fighter.

“I got up to about 231  this time around, and today I performed around 226, so this is the heaviest I’ve ever performed at, and I felt as if I was just as fast,”

“Randy Couture, he bumps up to heavyweight all the time, and he always looks very impressive against the slower guy,” Jones said. “And now I actually have a heavyweight that I wouldn’t mind fighting. That’s James Toney – ‘Mr. I’m going to slap Jon in the face.’ I’d bump up for that fight any day.”