The creative Jonny ‘Bones‘ Jones (14-1) continues his win-streak, defeating Quinton ‘Rampage‘ Jackson (32-9) at UFC 135 in Denver, CO for his first defense of the UFC light heavyweight title. A feat that has proven to be difficult in the division as previous champions struggled to keep the belt clenched. Here is the full play by play

Round One
Jones performance started with a low monkey stance going for the takedowns. As the two standed, Jones quickly used his Muay ThaiĀ  kicks to soften up the face and legs of Rampage. Jones used his creative setups to land elbows, knees and even a flashy spinnin g back kick that missed by inches.

Round Two
Jones stays elusive, moving out of the way of numerous hay-makers. Jones again used his front kicks and low kicks to keep Rampage at bay. Rampage unable to land successful once again being picked apart. The round ends with Jones pulling guard, and slapping the triangle.

Round Three
Rampage starts to mix it up with low leg kicks, looking to be his first successful assault. Jones shortly later gets the takedown with ease. Jones easily goes to full mount from side control. Jones postures up but Rampage bucks and gets it standing. Rampage is seen bleeding now from an elbow on the ground. Jones lands a Silva kick to the chin, Rampage gets his legs kicked out and he is now limping. Rampage rushes forward and misses running into the fence. Flying knee lands as Rampage comes forward. The round ends with Jones shooting and lifting Rampage over his head and tossing him back, leaving Rampage looking infuriated.

Round Four
Rampage comes out limping, but aggressive. Jones gets the easy takedown against the fence and works to the back. Jones gets the rear naked choke and Rampage taps. It’s in the books.

Bones spoke with Rashad Evans during his post-fight interview following the victory, as Evans will now have his expected long awaited title shot. Evans a former training partner of Jones has explained that during his time training with Jones, he would out-grapple the younger fighter. We will now likely see if Evans truly does have the game plan to once again become champion.

During the post-fight victory interview, Jones was asked about his next challenger Rashad Evans. Jones said he had nothing to say as he promises his fans that though Rashad may have a lot to say, he will not say anything. Evans himself also said he had nothing to say regarding the fight as he said he felt that the fans knew the facts already.