Jon Jones recently dropped from his fight against former training partner Rashad Evans, citing a hand injury that he believed required surgery. According to friend and manager Malki Kawa, the UFC’s doctor’s suggested that the surgery was to evasive for his hand injury.

Via Twitter: @MalkiKawa

“I guess its time to put out the truth. @Jonnybones suffered a tear in his thumb in 2 different spots… Every dr he saw said to have surgery … We went to meet with the surgeon on wed and after he looked at @Jonnybones he thought that surgery was a bit invasive and bones didn’t have … to have if he didn’t want to. @Jonnybones decided against surgery and we immediately met with dana and lorenzo the next day to get his next fight scheduled … For the record, every doctor @Jonnybones saw was a @UFC referred doctor. The very last one on the day before surgery thought against it … No @Jonnybones is not fighting rashad. Rashad is fighting phil davis. I’ll let you know who or when jon will fight real soon … (he’ll fight again) by the end of the year. … And just so we’re clear, @Jonnybones is not medically cleared to fight until June 11, But hey, I guess that’s all a lie, huh?”

With surgery out the window Jones will be looking for a new challenger to his 205 lb. belt and as Kawa says it will not be Evans since he is already fighting Phil Davis at UFC 133. Evan’s responds to the news with belief that Jones faked the operation to get out of their originally scheduled belt.

Via Twitter @SugaRashadEvans

“Question: if u r or were so confident then y fake a thumb injury? Cuz just between me & y’all he don’t need surgery! … but I ain’t one 2 gossip so u didnt hear it from me! (ala Living Color) 4 u young folk! Lol … If I’m lying, I’m dying! Ask @jonnybones when is his surgery & who was his dr! He so fake he fake surgeries!! Now that’s fake!”

If not Evans or Davis to challenge for the title soon, who else is free and deserving to fight the champ in the interim? Other top light heavyweights Rampage and Hamill will fight at the upcoming UFC 130 which could possibly be a contender match. Other than that there is Forrest vs Shogun at UFC Rio, but that is not until Aug. Any suggestions?