During the latest edition of Inside MMA, the guys caught up with Jon Jones recently for an interview to see what the future holds for the very potential
light heavyweight. Jones told Bas & Kenny that the UFC has told him that he will be fighting the winner of Ryan Bader vs Lil Nog. After that he is possibly only one fight away from a title fight, which could potentially be in the middle
of 2011.

“Right now I’m waiting for Ryan Bader and Lil’ Nog to fight each other and I’ll fight the winner of that, and I’m predicting that I’m about two fights away from a title shot. I had a meeting with Dana and Lorenzo and that’s kind of where were going with it. They didn’t really say two fights. They said you know, you beat the winner of Bader/Lil’ Nog, we’ll give you one more fight. We’ll see you know how you win the fights, depending on the fashion of the finish, then you know, we’ll give you a title shot.”